Roses – Valentine’s Day is probably the day that roses come to mind the most.  Valentine’s Roses from ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


The AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSES on Valentine’s Day wasnt the flower of choice; the African Violet was.  The violets were designed into corsages.

The corsages were freshly made with a variety of colors and flowers and were very large, and made to drape over a woman’s shoulder.  A beautiful abundant corsage and Valentine’s Card was the Valentine’s gift in the early 1900’s.

In the 1940’s, the flower of choice became the rose, and preferably, the American Beauty rose. In other words, Red Roses, and they became the color to signify Love.  The heart is red and the color red stirs up loving emotions.

However, many other colors of roses are requested for various meanings such as:

  • White roses for purity
  • Pink for friendship
  • and … the color that I once preferred, which was the yellow, that signifies friendship and

However, I like the yellow rose because it is the very first known Rose, originating in the Middle East, one single flower all alone in the middle of a field thousands of years ago.

Soon – other rose colors were found growing in various parts of the world and became the flower of choice in the hanging gardens of Persia.

Different types always emerge but world-wide, a dozen Red Roses arranged in a vase seems to be the favorite choice that suits Valentine’s Day 2019.


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