LITTLE FALLS NY ROSES are asolutely beautiful when purchased through ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 S 2nd St Little Falls NY.  Ph. (315)823-7073


The dozen Rose’s designed in a vase glass vase is th very best-selling item every Valentine’s Day along with Every day in between.

Little falls ny roses

Little falls ny roses

ROSE PETALS FLORIST takes pride in the knowledge of roses we’ve obtained through our 30 years in the ROSE business..


Knowledge leads to the very best healthiest Rose’s and the outstanding vase of Rose’s that Every woman prefers.

ROSES Little Falls NY

We Always design our roses vases with the very best design; we design our roses so they look PERFECT setting in the center of the table.


Our roses are designed with various decorative greens along with the very best, big puffy white babies-breath.


Most florist ‘prefer’  to not use babies-breath; we prefer to include babysbreath because it’s a beautiful finishing touch and it’s always expected by the women that receive roses.

Little falls ny roses

Little falls ny roses

We also make a big puffy bow to tie around the rose vase to show festivity of love.


Know to always shop the best IN Little Falls NY ROSES at ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


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