ROSES Little Falls NY

Shop ROSES Little Falls NY are Beautiful at ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 S 2nd Street Little Falls NY

We are located near the Dollar Store & Kinney parking lot, you can stop by or call our Phone (315) 823-7073 for Rose’s little falls ny .


We accept all credit Cards and we also Deliver flowers throughout the Mohawk Valley.


When you want Roses or are thinking of getting ROSES FAST,  always shop at ROSE PETALS FLORIST for the most vibrant longest lasting Roses.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs Beautiful dozen rose vases for all occasions starting at $49.99.  This is a dozen  consisting of 12 beautiful hardy Roses with greenery and babies breath in a glass vase.



ROSE PETALS FLORIST also designs beautiful packaged Roses at $39.99 for a dozen.  That’s (12)  roses with greenery and babies-breath and a bow.


To place an order, you can STOP BY OR CALL (315)823-7073 or shop on our webpage or


We sell the Best Roses throughout the year and VALENTINE’s DAY Roses  are Aways made with Love.


We sell thousands of Roses Little Falls NY throughout the year to happy REPEAT Customers and to New Customers on their way to becoming  repeat customers with ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


Everyone, including the buyers and recipients of our rose dozens prefer to get Roses from us for the beautiful design that looks perfect on the Center of the table, it’s our Classic Dozen of Rose’s

     I’ve heard Customers also prefer shopping Roses Little Falls NY at ROSE PETALS FLORIST to really get their money-worth and a lot of times they will opt for the double dozen

We use the best strongest Roses that have a beautiful constant bold color and we condition the Roses Naturally to last longer than all of our competitors’ Roses.


We design or Roses in a Glass Vase always and we design the dozen roses to look perfect on the center of a table.  We design Roses to set perfect on the center of the table.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST creates the Perfect Dozen Roses in a vase Every time.   I can’t stress this enough about how  much people want flowers to look natural in the center of the table.


Our Perfect Dozen ROSES consists of 12 Fresh, hardy & beautiful roses along with healthy and fresh greenery. once I design the vase with greenery properly I design a perfect dozen roses to look Elegant and perfect setting on the center of the table.


I design according to the vase, the stems of Roses along with other factors in designing

Rose's little falls ny



Our Dozen Roses in a vase contain a full dozen of (12) Roses designed in a glass vase all around with various greenery, big white puffy babies-breath & tied with a beautiful puffy bow.


This vase of Roses looks perfect from all sides when set in the center of the table.


     If you would rather have a dozen Roses wrapped; I pick 12 beautiful roses and design different greenery and baby’s – breath all around and wrap with pretty packaging and a bow for $39.99 for a full dozen 12 Roses Wrapped.