Florist Little Falls NY – Little Falls NY FLORIST

Florist Little Falls NY – LITTLE FALLS NY FLORIST can be found at 343 S. 2nd Street Little Falls NY.  Phone (315)823-7073

Florist little falls ny - little Falls NY FLORIST

Florist little falls ny – little falls ny florist











We have frequent dally flower shipments with the freshest most beautiful flowers for every occasion.


Our Fresh Flowers are bright and crisp as fresh flowers are and so welcoming for the floral recipient.


Florist Little Falls NY – Little Falls NY Florist ROSE PETALS FLORIST is always available to fill your flower order whether the flowers are for Birthday Flowers,  Get Well soon Flowers, funeral flowers or even Last Minute Wedding Flowers; we are always available to sell you the freshest most beautiful floral designed flower Vase.


ROSE PETALS  FLORIST delivers flowers in Little Falls, Dolgeville and St. Johnsville and surrounding areas.

Florist little falls ny - little Falls NY FLORIST

Florist little falls ny – little falls ny florist












Our Flower Shop is centrally located along side the Kinney’s Drug Store parking lot at 343 s 2nd Street.  We h ave have a phone poll out front with giant flowers going up the side.


Call Sandy for flowers Little Falls or stop by for the most beautiful fresh flowers from your FLORIST LITTLE FALLS NY – LITTLE FALLS NY FLORIST ROSE PETALS FLORIST .






ROSES Little Falls NYJune is ROSE month at ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY.  Call (315)823-7073 for Flower Delivery or Stop by to Shop Local.


Rose PETALS florist

June is ROSE month at ROSE perals florist


You will always find your ROSE SPECIALIST at ROSE PETALS FLORIST when you talk to Sandy.


Sandy was thought the basics of Rose’s and Rose Groth when she worked for Lyndon Lyons Greenhouse in 1989


As ROSE PETALS FLORIST was in its budding stage, Sandy seeked every bit of informstion to build her Knowledge about Roses, the growth process, the origins as she started ordering, handling processing and selling more Roses on a weekly basis than any florists in central NY.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST Continues to be the Top Rose Seller being the Rose Specialist close-by in your hometown.


We carry various colors of roses and we make sure that we Always have Fresh Roses in stock.


We are always comvetibly priced as we guerentee the longest lasting and the most beautiful classic dozen Rose’s that sets perfectally on the center of the table

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Call (315)823-7073 for Summer Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY  13365.

Summer flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


Summer Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST in All Varieties and all colors when you shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


Summer Flowers by ROSE PETAL FLORIST are as follows:


1) Lillies

A .) Hybred Lillies in Casablanca and Stargazer.


Hybread lillies are Large Thick petal Lillies.


We order the Whie Casablanca  Lillies with a nice strong Scent.


We also order the hybread Stargazer lillies that have a pretty heavy garden scent.  The Star-gazer lilies are known for the lretty pink/red and white combo.


The Hybread Lillies are Strong lillies that lasts through two weeks and more after they leave our shop.


2. ) Agapanthis


A . ) White Apapanthus is a thick stemmed tall flower that works well for wedding vases.  Agapanthus has numerous balb florets shooting out f the top of  the stem

The agapanthus in deep purple to electric blue is my favorite.

Summer flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


3 . ) Gerbera Daiseys are a favorite.  Gerberas are beautiful colorful Daisies that are one of many flowers that we sell on a daily basis.


4 . )  Little Falls Flowers that are always in  demand are the much loved American Beauty Roses.


Rose Petals Florist is the rose expert and guarantees the longest lasting roses.


Our flower varieties are endless at ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


For FLOWERS Little Falls, Stop by or Call (315)823-7073 to order Summer Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST .



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Your Little Falls NY Florists. Little Falls Flowers 13365


Order your SPRING FLOWERS Vase by ROSE PETALS FLORIST, Little Falls NY when you call (315)823-7073 .

Rose Petals Florist

Rose Petals Florist


Our SPRING FLOWERS Vase is designed in a multitude of flowers and colors as we stay with the classic design that everyone loves because its sets perfectally in the center of the table.


This past Mothers Day was a challenge that I rose up to.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST was opened for call in orders and deliveries as was mandated by the state of NY due to the Corona Virus scare.


I think that we were the Only Florists opened, at leaste it seemed to be.


Working many hours as I designed each and every flower vase to set perfectly  in the center of a table.

I made sure that every flower filled vase was perfect.  I also made a big fluffy bow to tied around each vase



I had practically everyone tell me that the flower vase I made was Perfect.

Our flower filled vases are big and Full.  We use many colors and many flower varieties for fifferent textures.


Every flower order was packaged with plastic for the delivery process.


When flowers are ordered at ROSE PETALS FLORIST you are always sure to get the very best flowers in Little Falls NY.





Floral Design Studio at ROSE PETALS FLORIST

The Floral Design Studio at ROSE PETALS FLORIST at 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY is a life-time in the making.


My first Studio was actually at the Little Falls Jr. Sr. High School in 1982.


I Met a new friend at school that moved here from a far.  We didn’t have any classes together but we obtained independent gym class and independent art class, so needless to say, outside of social studies and English we were able to work out all the time when we weren’t doing something artistic in the art room.


Dee was great at drawing and painting and I experimented in sculpture and painting.


Dee had her own studio in the south-west section of the art room.  I would go there to chat and check out her latest painting.


One day Dee said that she would share her art studio so I could also be more creative.


If I had only known that I would be top floral Designer in my flower shop ten years later!

Floral design studio

Floral design studio


We spent many hours through the remaining two years of school in that art studio.


We had a pathos plant with a ripped leaf and we named our plant ‘Vincent’s after Vangok.  As far as I can remember, Dee nourished that plant and ended up taking it with her when she Graduated a year after i graduated.


Through painting, Dee taught me about blending my medium, my preference was acrylics.


We were both very creative in our space with lessons to lasts a life time.


I learned how to really look deep in the colors to really see the different pigments of shades.


To this day, I can look at a medium brown/tope’ and draw the color green out of it because the pigment is in there if you look deep enough.


People don’t realize what is making something so striking to look at because they do not know how to understand colors.


Dee and I had our birthdays very close together, so we got along great, we were just like each other.


We would create art projects in our Studio and we would talk about Nostradamus  as we worked out in the weight room.


The second studio that I spent a lot if time in was a few years later at Pitt the Painters studio.


I met Pitt in 1986 but I had known of him through my friend Dee at our high school studio.


I held Artist hours when I started ROSE PETALS FLORIST and if I were sill working in my office at mid night and I felt running an idea past pit, I would go hang out at his studio because he would be painting at all hours.


When I started my business I knew that I needed to have a studio type atmosphere.  No matter how many times I’ve tried to keep the store as a four wall neat as can be – it doesn’t fit.


My Artistic Ability and my knowledge of art always directs me back to the Studio setting.






We have thousands of ribbons of all colors and prints of many sizes for various projects and mainly bows to add to flower vases


2.) Vases – A variety of vases in multable Styles in various sizes and shapes.Little Falls Flowers 13365


3.) Accent Items – glitter, glue and paints

4.) Tools – knives, saws, scissors, hot glue,  pens, pencils,  paper clips, foam,balloons, music, dictionaries, Little Falls Flowers 13365 stencils, envelopes, cards and the lists goes on


5.) flowers  – A large variety of flowers that can be used for various formats


6.) Design Knowledge to create the prettiest creations that stand above the rest.


Little Falls ROSE PETALS FLORIST is Top in Floral Design!








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The Perfect Little Falls NY Flowers

The Perfect Little Falls NY Flowers Gift for Every Occasion  with Such a Sweet Scent is FLOWERS by ROSE PETALS FLORIST, 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY when you Call (315)823-7073.


Our floral designs are uniquely made to fit for every thought and every occasion with examples as follows:




The perfect Little Falls NY flowers When you purchase Flower Filled VASE by ROSE PETALS FLORIST you will have or will send the best of the best in flowers and in design.


Designing with a great variety of flowers such as Roses, Chrysanthimums , carnations and mini carnations.  Fuji mums, Alsromarias, Gerbera Daisies, willies and Babies-breath are nice additions.


Our floral vases are designed airy but big and full.


We design our flowers in a vase to set perfect in the center on the table.


With proper care, our flower filled vases tend to last a week or two.


Flower filled vases are a nice birthday flowers surprise! Flower fill vases are a good gesture for all reasons.





The perfect Little Falls NY

Little falls ny flowers

Little falls ny flirist

flowers in Roses of all colors are beautiful and Roses from ROSE PETALS FLORIST has been known Lasts Well into three weeks at times.


Our Roses are carefully selected for beauty and longevity but florists care gas alot to do with it!


We sell all colors if Rose’s, however RED ROSES have greater longevity.


Upon receiving rose shipments, we cut the stems properly and place the Rose’s in a proper mixture of water a d flower food.


We Very Rarely have to cut our Rose’s more than once for the cooler!


Our Roses are the Best and they lasts good especially when I design the Rose’s properly in a vase.


Our roses are always designed all around in a glass vase with a bow tied around the vase for a nice finishing touch.


Roses are a great choice as you will see how beautifully the lasts and the perfection of the freshness that you see in the color hues.





The perfect flowers in A cut flower Bouquet is good for a stop and go purchase.  A cut Bouquet consists of a variety of fresh flowers arranged to fill a bouquet sleeve with a bow.


A cut flower Bouquet is a good low costs floral gift that if properly designed looks expensive.

Little falls ny flowers

Little falls NY flowers

Shopping with ROSE PETALS FLORIST always assure that you will end up with The Perfect Gift for every occasion with such a sweet scent with Little Falls ny flowers.







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May Day Flowers on the Door-step

I had to had been about seven years old when my Mom taught me about the  May Day flowers on door step tradition IN Europe.  This was well before I would have ever imagined creating and owning one of the most successful flower shops in the Mohawk Valley; ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY.


May day flowers

I Was blessed to had grown up on a dairy farm just outside of Little Falls city line.  We had all the beauty that can only be imagined with the many trees, shrubs and bushes.


There was always cat-tails, pussy willows, milk-weeds and black-eyed Susan’s growing close by as the various species of butterflies flew lightly over the flowers near our lawn.


We had  beautiful rose bushes blooming in the east sun starting in June of each year as the large Peonies bushes in light pink and fuchsia would bloom in the spring in the north central part of our lawn.


We had Beautiful tall Yellow chrysanthemums growing along the entire border of the west side of the lawn four feet deep.


The Beautiful yellow backdrop off  the fascia pennies always stayed with me, hence the very colors I’ve always used  as my business colors for ROSE PETALS FLORIST!


My Mom taught me about May Day  flowers and the practice of leaving flowers at the doorsteps of others in good will to express celebrating spring through beautiful flowers.


I remember her telling me that the practice is very prevalent ln Europe.


It can be my French heritage part that made me want to take take part in this neat idea.


My Mom grabbed the colorful construction paper and showed me how to make a cone. The makeshift cone of 1972 is what I now know, served as a flower sleeve.


The two of us walked outside and picked anything that was in bloom late april early May.  I remember that the vegetation was so beautiful and different from how it is today.  I can remember things differently passably because I was a child then or maybe the spring was  prettier on that hill in 1972.  The sun seems to had shown so differently when standing in children’s shoes


I remember searching the grounds all around our house and picking early spring flowers.


There were trees outside the west of our house and around those trees were tulips blooming well before any leaves would block the sunlight.


I gathered the tulips, the pussy-willows and branches and various greenery and placed the bunch carefully in the flower sleeve.  I Made three bouquets for this project and I made a small vase if flowers for my teacher, my Mom.


My Mom gave me permission to leave the flowers at the doorsteps of houses within a half mile from our house.  There were three houses


I was so excited as I went on my way to set a May Day flowers bouquet flowers at my Dads Aunt Mary’s House, then to Grandmas and the last place was a women I would ride to church with named Rosie!


Once I delivered the flowers, I RAN back up the road to our farm.


Life was different back then and my Mom knew how long it would take for me to get back home and little that I knew, she was able to know exactly where I was through the minutes of my adventure and without cell phones.

May day flowers


A little while after I returned home, the house phone would start ringing.  Everyone loved their May Day Flowers as I Learned first hand about a gesture that is still in common use through europe – May Day Flowers on the Doorstep as a good deed and celebrating springs arrival.


Those are the days to always cherish.  Almost fifty years has gone by since my Mom taught me about May Day.   That lesson is still so fresh in my mind that with the correct lighting from the sun and the correct spring scent in the air, for a moment, I’m that Seven year old girl next to Mom learning about May Day Flowers on a door-step.  Its Priceless!






Perfect Flower-filled vase by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY is the floral vase that everyone want to receive and you can easily order this vase for flower delivery when you call (315)823-7073.


OUR Perfect Flower Filled vase designed to set


Perfect flower-filled vase by ROSE PETALS florist

perfectly on the center of a table.  Our vases of flowers stay in-tact without losing form when delivered or moved from place to place.  Our Perfect Flower filled vase admired by all!


I have designed this classic flower style for close to thirty years.  A very wise florist told me that this style of design in flowers is the classic style that women WANT and that thus is the style that most people expect when they order flowers!


Most Florist make flower arrangements that have one side of flowers and the other side of sticks and greenery which is very similar to funeral flowers. Nobody wants that  in their home!


ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs the Perfect Flower-Filled vase that’s balanced to look beautiful from all angles.  Every glance of this floral creation is absolute beauty to every eye.


I design this floral vase with a range of textures and colors of the great selections of flowers that we choose..


I Always aim to have flowers with a nice light natural scent; nothing overbearing.

I choose FRESH HEALTHY flowers to design your flower vase.  You will always Know if the flowers are Fresh Flowers when you look at them.

Fresh Flowers have a crisp firm look to them as they stand tall.


Fresh Flowers have a distinctive bold  hue to their color that is very eye-catching, very still.

Perfect flower-filled vase by ROSE PETALS florist

Perfect flower-filled vase by ROSE PETALS florist


Fresh Flowers stand Tall.  Most Florists’ flower stems are only four or five inches tall.  I’m guessing the other florists are either re-using flowers or they don’t know how to properly design with the part of the flower that costs them the most.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs vases eighteen inches tall and taller, our vases are always full and beautiful as the flower filled vases show your money was well spent!


We make a true Perfect Flower-filled Vase requested by all that shops at ROSE PETALS Florist Call (315)823-7073 for flower delivery seven Days a week..






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