Florist Little Falls NY – Little Falls NY FLORIST

Florist Little Falls NY – LITTLE FALLS NY FLORIST can be found at 343 S. 2nd Street Little Falls NY.  Phone (315)823-7073

Florist little falls ny - little Falls NY FLORIST

Florist little falls ny – little falls ny florist











We have frequent dally flower shipments with the freshest most beautiful flowers for every occasion.


Our Fresh Flowers are bright and crisp as fresh flowers are and so welcoming for the floral recipient.


Florist Little Falls NY – Little Falls NY Florist ROSE PETALS FLORIST is always available to fill your flower order whether the flowers are for Birthday Flowers,  Get Well soon Flowers, funeral flowers or even Last Minute Wedding Flowers; we are always available to sell you the freshest most beautiful floral designed flower Vase.


ROSE PETALS  FLORIST delivers flowers in Little Falls, Dolgeville and St. Johnsville and surrounding areas.

Florist little falls ny - little Falls NY FLORIST

Florist little falls ny – little falls ny florist












Our Flower Shop is centrally located along side the Kinney’s Drug Store parking lot at 343 s 2nd Street.  We h ave have a phone poll out front with giant flowers going up the side.


Call Sandy for flowers Little Falls or stop by for the most beautiful fresh flowers from your FLORIST LITTLE FALLS NY – LITTLE FALLS NY FLORIST ROSE PETALS FLORIST .






FLORISTS  – LITTLE FALLS NEW YORK is a good choice when you call ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073 for Flower Delivery Or Stop by 343 S 2nd Street Little Falls  NY to pick up beautiful Fresh Flowers.

Florist - Little Falls NEY YORK

Florists – Little Falls N

Your Hometown Little Falls NY Florist is designing smiles in our Beautiful Soap Stone 1905 Previous Little Falls NY Bell phone company.


As we continue to restore our Lovely Building – We create beautiful vases of fresh flowers for all occasions.


When sending Flowers through FLORISTS – LITTLE FALLS NY Call (315)823-7073.


FLORISTS – Little Falls NY FLORIST at 343 S 2nd St Little Falls NY has been a dream come true after putting many years of hard work in to fulfill my vision.

Little Falls NY FLORISTS

Florists – Little Falls NY

Who would had thought – Florists – Little Falls Florist.


I had to had been three or four years old when I first saw this beautiful soap stone building.


I remember sitting in the truck while my Mom was in the drug store Which is now Kinneys drugs.  Never could imagine at 3 years old i would  be a florists – Little Falls NY FLORIST.


Back in the late 60’s Kinneys was some other drug store which turned into Jc Penny for a few decades.


I remember looking at this beautiful building when i was maybe two or three years old.


I couldnt take my eyes off the building.  I had an opinion about Style at such a young age.


Recalling my teen years, i had friends on John Street right around the corner.  I always told my friends that I wanted to walk diwn 2nd Street instead of William Street to show them what i thought was the ‘coolest’ building ever.


Taking 2nd Street was always my choice weather I was walking or riding.  That cool Soapstone building with the cobblestone sidewalk was so pleasant to my young eyes.


I always remembered i had a friend fond this buolding that i described the front door so uniquely.


Traveling through the acity of Little Falls as we looked for this building cause o couldnt remember where it was being the city was so much bigger and bustier in 1982.


We traveled through as he pointed out simalarities of buildings i was describing.  I said no to the first place and again no to the second place.


He told me there was one other place and as i rode up 2nd Street and saw the ‘sunshine’ outlay above the 3 upstairvwindows and the ‘Roman doorway as i described I Screamed THIS IS IT!!!!!


Needless to say, in the next moment he said ‘i just had an epiphany- I said Whats that (i was 15 yrs old)


He said i just had a flash in my mind that you are going to have a business here.


I said ya right, at 17 -I defianatliey was not even ever thinking so far in the future.


I asked what kind of business he saw and he couldnt make out what it was.  He said it would be a far ib the future.


Years went by, friends change and go seporite ways.


I started workung at at ROSIES and they would send me out on an errand to pay a gas bill at 343 S 2nd Street.  I was so little at 20 years old and i felt tiny when i walked through the door of this cool building.


I remember seeing a puc of this building that was once the NY Bell building with a float made of fliwers coming out of the driveway.


Remembering saying that buildinflg would make the ‘coolest flower shop’.  They Told me it would never work because the front faced west?  I guessi proved that comment wrong!


I spent 20 years tenting on Main Street as both my Parents consistantly told me to buy that building i always loved.  I kept saying- i will when i get older.


Im at that older stage in life and I now have my building ive always loved with my successful flower business occupying it with the ftont door facing west towards the dollar store parking lot – the very best location in the world!


Im glad I took my time as i have learned so much in my travels and the best thing to keep people young is to have a plan.


As you see – Ill always have a plan as we continue to work on this beautiful building ive always lived since I was 3 yrs old.


Im the Florist of my flower shop at 343 S 2nd Street  and i have enjoyed every step of the way in becoming the Top FLORISTS – LITTLE FALLS NY.







Florist – Little Falls NY

Florists – Little Falls NY ROSE PETALS FLORIST can be reached at our location 343 South Second St and by phone (315)823-7073


Florist little falls ny

Florists – Little Falls NY


Your Florist Little Falls NY FLORIST ROSE PETALS FLORIST is centrally cocated  accross the street from the Dollar Store parking lot


We cant be missed!


Keep ROSE PETALS FLORIST  in mind when you want to pick up flowers Little Falls or Roses little falls NY.


For Little Falls Flower Delivery call (315)823-7073 for Florist – Little Falls NY.


Florist little falls ny

Florists – Little Falls NY

Your Little Falls NY Florists







Flowers for Graveside burial

Flowers for Graveside Burial by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little falls ny 13365.  You can also call (315)823-7073 for any occasion flowers.


Red and pink Rose’s, babys breath designed with greenery in a cemetary dish to set on the grave.




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SUMMER Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY when you stop by or call (315)823-7073 for Flower Delivery in Little Falls and surrounding areas.

Our Summer Flowers are Bright and Beautiful, the perfect gift to send Sunshine into someones life.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs the Perfect Flower Vase that sets beautifully in the center of the table.




We design our vases to look beautiful with very little care needed by the recipiant.  Our long lasting flowers are designed in glass vases that prolong longivity of our flowers.

Florist Same Day Flower Delivery in Little Falls, NY

As long as you keep our flowers out of Direct sunlight, away from heat sources and add water every few days; you are sure to have a beautiful flower filled vase for a weeks.



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ROSES Little Falls NYJune is ROSE month at ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY.  Call (315)823-7073 for Flower Delivery or Stop by to Shop Local.


Rose PETALS florist

June is ROSE month at ROSE perals florist


You will always find your ROSE SPECIALIST at ROSE PETALS FLORIST when you talk to Sandy.


Sandy was thought the basics of Rose’s and Rose Groth when she worked for Lyndon Lyons Greenhouse in 1989


As ROSE PETALS FLORIST was in its budding stage, Sandy seeked every bit of informstion to build her Knowledge about Roses, the growth process, the origins as she started ordering, handling processing and selling more Roses on a weekly basis than any florists in central NY.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST Continues to be the Top Rose Seller being the Rose Specialist close-by in your hometown.


We carry various colors of roses and we make sure that we Always have Fresh Roses in stock.


We are always comvetibly priced as we guerentee the longest lasting and the most beautiful classic dozen Rose’s that sets perfectally on the center of the table

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Call (315)823-7073 for Summer Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY  13365.

Summer flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


Summer Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST in All Varieties and all colors when you shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


Summer Flowers by ROSE PETAL FLORIST are as follows:


1) Lillies

A .) Hybred Lillies in Casablanca and Stargazer.


Hybread lillies are Large Thick petal Lillies.


We order the Whie Casablanca  Lillies with a nice strong Scent.


We also order the hybread Stargazer lillies that have a pretty heavy garden scent.  The Star-gazer lilies are known for the lretty pink/red and white combo.


The Hybread Lillies are Strong lillies that lasts through two weeks and more after they leave our shop.


2. ) Agapanthis


A . ) White Apapanthus is a thick stemmed tall flower that works well for wedding vases.  Agapanthus has numerous balb florets shooting out f the top of  the stem

The agapanthus in deep purple to electric blue is my favorite.

Summer flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


3 . ) Gerbera Daiseys are a favorite.  Gerberas are beautiful colorful Daisies that are one of many flowers that we sell on a daily basis.


4 . )  Little Falls Flowers that are always in  demand are the much loved American Beauty Roses.


Rose Petals Florist is the rose expert and guarantees the longest lasting roses.


Our flower varieties are endless at ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


For FLOWERS Little Falls, Stop by or Call (315)823-7073 to order Summer Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST .



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Your Little Falls NY Florists. Little Falls Flowers 13365


Order your SPRING FLOWERS Vase by ROSE PETALS FLORIST, Little Falls NY when you call (315)823-7073 .

Rose Petals Florist

Rose Petals Florist


Our SPRING FLOWERS Vase is designed in a multitude of flowers and colors as we stay with the classic design that everyone loves because its sets perfectally in the center of the table.


This past Mothers Day was a challenge that I rose up to.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST was opened for call in orders and deliveries as was mandated by the state of NY due to the Corona Virus scare.


I think that we were the Only Florists opened, at leaste it seemed to be.


Working many hours as I designed each and every flower vase to set perfectly  in the center of a table.

I made sure that every flower filled vase was perfect.  I also made a big fluffy bow to tied around each vase



I had practically everyone tell me that the flower vase I made was Perfect.

Our flower filled vases are big and Full.  We use many colors and many flower varieties for fifferent textures.


Every flower order was packaged with plastic for the delivery process.


When flowers are ordered at ROSE PETALS FLORIST you are always sure to get the very best flowers in Little Falls NY.