Little Falls Roses by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Little Falls Roses by ROSE PETALS FLORIST Little Falls, NY at 343 South 2nd Street. Phone (315)823-7073.  The place for Roses Little Falls!


ROSES BY ROSE PETALS FLORIST Little Falls NY has Theec Very Best Roses.  We have been famous for over 20 years for our beautiful red roses. Little Falls Roses


We are also known for our Fair prices on our Little Falls Roses.  We keep the Same Low Price all year round including Valentines Day.


We sell our Wrapped dozen roses for $35.00 to include 12 Roses which makes a Full Dozen Roses with Babies – Breath and Greenery wrapped with nice packaging, flower food and a big Cotton Bow!


Our Roses Designed in a vase are always designed in a glass vase.  We design Our Vases, Every one of them to set perfectly in the center of a table.


Our Roses designef for a Full Dozen including Twelve Roses, big puffy pure white babes breath, various greenery and a big colorful bow.


We design Our Roses beautifully all around, all sided so there is a perfect sphere when looking from above.  We give you a Full Vase of Roses that include 12 Roses And we design so it is a full vase and Not a 1/2 filled Vase.


When you want Roses Little Falls, Always buy your Little Falls Roses BY ROSE PETALS FLORIST by calling (315)823-7073 or stop by 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls.