Little Falls Florist|Flower Delivery|Little Falls NY

Little Falls Florist|Flower Delivery|Little Falls NY by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 S 2nd Street Little Falls, NEW YORK.


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Little Falls Florist Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST is seven days a week.

Florist little falls ny

Little falls florist|flower delivery|little Falls NY


Call (315)823-7073 to place your Flower order for flower delivery or stop by to pick up flowers or shop one of our websites or


We are your all occasion hometown  florist with beautiful fresh flowers with the classic designs loved by all.


Our flowers are designed in a glass vase to set perfectly in the center of the table to look beautiful from all angles.


We use a variety of fresh flowers with crisp color pigment to show the fresh quality of our flower product.

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We design our flower vases Big and Full to show the recipient your importance to the sender.


These flower filled vases are designed perfectally for all occasions such as Birthday Flowers, Anniversary Flowers, Homestyle Sympathy flowers and ‘just because Flowers’.


Florist deliver our flowers to your door promptly and with a Smile!


Little Falls Florist flower delivery little falls ny.