30 Years Florist

Order flowers from your Little Falls NY Florist ROSE PETALS FLORIST Call: (315)823-7073.


Your LITTLE FALLS NY FLORIST at 343 South 2nd Street has been a FLORIST for close to 30 years.  We pride ourselves in our beautiful unique designs but we are also experts in flower care.

little falls, NY FLORIST

little falls ny florist ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Designing and sales go hand in hand.  We make beautiful designs and we sell  to our customers designs they are happy with.


Two week guarantee on Fresh Flowers from ROSE PETALS FLORIST!


Our  knowledge in this trade is unstoppable!


When you ask us questions about this trade, flower care, pricing, we have the answers.


Your Knowledgeable florists are where you will always get the best Flowers and the best prices.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST only buys the very best flowers to resell to our dedicated customers.


We purchase the freshest, most beautiful flowers and we  guarantee the freshness for 2 weeks after the flowers leave our shop.!


 Two week guarantee of Fresh Flowers only at ROSE PETALS FLORIST! 

guarantees the flower freshness because we know how to order the freshest most vibrant flowers, we are the flower experts and we only sell the Freshest Product.


When you buy flowers only  order from your Little Falls NY FLORIST (315)823-7073