WINTER WEDDINGS 2017/2018 by ROSE PETALS FLORIST.  Have your local hometown florist design your Winter Wedding 2017/2018 at the price that YOU want to spend!  We have access to the freshest flowers of your choice that will be perfect for your Winter Wedding 2017/2018


We have designed weddings for 25 years all over the Empire State.  We select the freshest most vibrant flowers of your choosing to create your dream; your WINTER WEDDING 2017/2018.


Call ROSE PETALS FLORIST at (315)823-7073 for a free phone conciliation or stop by our local flower shop at 343 S. 2nd St.  Little Falls, NY.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST has had a record year with weddings in 2017.   We are very accommodating to your schedule, your wedding plan & your budget. You definitely get more than you paid for in flowers, creativity and service when you Choose ROSE PETALS FLORIST to do your WEDDING 2017/2018.  We get it Right when we create your Vision! A Happy Bride is EVERYTHING!


We are now approaching Winter Weddings 2017/2018 and we have many spectacular photos of our own wedding work that you’ll love browsing.  We design the Wedding of your Dreams at the Cost of your Dreams.  We will even make a sample bouquet or centerpiece that will be in your wedding so you have a perfect sample in colors, sizes, freshness and flower choice.  We have very happy brides when shopping locally at ROSE PETALS FLORIST;  your hometown florist.


We design your wedding Flowers customized to your liking.   We will go over every aspect of your wedding flowers so there’s nothing left undone.  We also send you pics of your floral bouquets as we make them the night before your wedding via text messaging.  You will always know that ROSE PETALS FLORIST IS CREATING EXACTLY WHAT YOU envision for your WINTER WEDDINGS 2017/2018.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST  can also deliver the flowers to your wedding venue and set up IF needed.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST  accommodates your wedding from your first contact through the Wedding.  We are never too booked to do your beautiful Wedding.  Remember, we give you  FREE toss bouquet!


Let ROSE PETALS FLORIST take care of all your floral details for your WINTER WEDDINGS 2017/2018!