Sehd a Christmas TABLETOP TREE from ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073

Send a Christmas TABLETOP Tree from ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073 This Christmas 2020.

I learned how to make a table top tree the first Christmas Holiday I worked at Utica Floral in 1989.

Christmas tree

TABLETOP Tree from ROSE PETALS forca Merry Christmas florist (315)823-7073 to send a merry Christma

Mr Brown trained me as he told me, Pay attention!


He trained .e from choosing the correct container to forming the foam to placement of the boxwood.


Once the tree was formed i was able to decorate the tree with small flowers and small christmas ornaments.


Mrs Brown taugnt me the propper placement of the flowers as wee as promoting the longivity of the tree.


I was trained to make these trees for Chrustmas however these Christmas Trees will last through New Years if properly cared for


The TABLETOP Tree is just Perfect for someone that doesnt want the hastle of a large chrismas tree yet still gives the spiret of the season


You can always find THE TABLETOP TREE FROM ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073 .





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