Rose Petals florist spending summer getting ready for the FLOWER BASKET FALL HARVEST A BASKET of Fresh Flowers for this Autumn season.

     The FALL HARVEST  FLOWER BASKET  has the most colorful Autumn Flowers Straight from our Flower Shop to your door.


Little Falls Florist

Little Fas Florist ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073

We can make many beautiful designs for all occasions with beautiful FALL HARVEST FLOWERS through our long Autumn months.  We include sunflowers in all of our FALL HARVEST BASKETS  during the Autumn Season unless you request other.

During the season of daylight savings time; we turn up the lights with BRIGHT COLORFUL FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKETS for all.


We carefully select each bloom and co-ordinate the many beautiful blooms to create the most magnificent bursts of color designed in a beautiful basket for your Moms’ Thanksgiving table, your friend’s birthday or sent to your wifes’ place of work.


You can send  the FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET to anyone, anywhere and anytime or you can stop in our flower shop to pick one up.


This beautiful FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET has been popular at our shop for 20 years.  This particular flower BASKET design is the most popular BASKET arrangement in the entire Mohawk Valley.


Our FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET is artfully designed in a basket with wet foam including 50 to 100 stems of select & different  colorful flowers and berries while designed in a long-lasting technique to help your fresh FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET  to lasts for 3 weeks, along with a nice traditional hand written card.   This FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET  is a basket that looks beautiful all the way around, its circumference and it looks great at every all arround.  Everyone that has received our beautiful FALL HARVEST FLOWER  BASKET has always loved receiving it.    We also include a beautiful 100% American made Cotton bow on each of  our FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKETS.


You always know that you got your moneys worth with this FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET; when you gaze at it you can’t count the  flower stems, there are so many. When you pick this  FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET UP; you know that you got your moneys worth in the weight of this FALL HARVEST  FLOWER BASKET.  You know that this is a great deal with longevity of flowers in the FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET.

When sending FLOWERS from your local home town flower shop for FALL Flowers; stop by or call us at (315)823-7073 to send the beautiful loved by all.   FLOWER BASKET FALL HARVEST FLOWER BASKET from ROSE PETALS FLORIST.