St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching at Rose Petals Florist in Little Falls, NY. With plans for a busy ST. PATRICK’S DAY FLOWERS sale.

St Patrick was a 5th century Christian missionary and Bishop in Ireland and a primary Patron Saint of Ireland and Columbia.


St Patrick was born in 387 AD & died March 17th 460 AD.


America celebrates St. Patrick’s Day through Parades, Pubs, food and St. Patrick’s Day Flowers.


I’m Still not quite sure why St. Patrick’s Day  is celebrated in so many ways other than it could be that there’s alot of Irish blood running through American veins on March 17th every year with celebrations through, food, drink and garb no matter what ethnic roots you are.  That one day of March 17th each year everyone is in a good mood, socializing and taking a break.  It’s a pre spring celebration and every one is happy.


I Know that St Patrick has always been honored all over the world.  I visited the St. Patrick Cathedrial years ago.  Its Massive, but the beauty in the architecture is breath-taking.   We honor this St. Patrick each year however we choose to do so; we remember this Patron Saint.


My favorite things about St Patrick’s Day is the green milkshake, the Ruben sandwich, the green St. Patrick’s Day Flowers and the green Derby.


Your local florist Rose Petals Florist at 343 S. 2nd St. Little Falls, NY is busy mixing the green dips & dyes to create the perfect green hue for spring St. Patrick’s Day flowers in honor of good ol St. Patrick.


We will start to tint the flowers green the night before St. Patrick’s week to make sure of plenty of green flowers through this notable green week in the early spring at Rose Petals Florist.


Be sure to stop by for your St. Patrick’s Day Flowers or call us at (315)823-7073 to place an order for a flower delivery to your favourite leprechaun.


St. Patrick’s Day Flowers Sale will be all week March 12-March 19.