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ROSE PETALS FLORIST  343 S. 2nd St. Little Falls NY has FLOWER DELIVERY TO DOLGEVILLE NY on a daily basiss for all occasions to Little Falls, DOLGEVILLE, Salisbury Center and all surrounding areas.  We have flower delivery for all occasions and have been to Dolgeville, NY to Deliver many flower vases for Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day & so many Birthdays and Anniversaries.

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Call 315-823-7073 to order flowers.


We have a long history with the Dolgeville community.  I worked at the Lyndon Lyon Greenhouse for a time in 1989-1990.  I learned a great deal about plants and the cultivation of African Violets from the experts at Lyndon Lyons, as well as great rose tips from Mr. Lyndon Lyon as his passion was african violets; his hobbie was roses.

  1. DOLGEVILLE LS FLORIST – Flower Delivery ROSE PETALS FLORIST has entered floats in a few parades in Dolgeville and won first place for our Woodstock Float in 2009.  The Dolgeville Class of 2009 worked many hours alongside everyone at our flower shop to put on a magnifacent show for the spectators at the Violet Days Parade and always a great time.  Through all of this, we have always had FLOWER DELIVERY  to DOLGEVILLE, NY

In actuality though ROSE PETALS FLORIST has been working with flowers and Dolgeville for over 30 years, for we were the florist that always made all those Orchid Corsages for the annual Daniel Greens Party each year.  Those corsages were a great lesson, for there were so many to make for that party, I became a pro at corsages the first year.


Florist Dolgeville NY Flower Delivery (315)823-7073

Unfortunitly, Daniell Greens is no longer in opperation, but the James A. Green School keeps us busy with Prom Corsages each year and we thank you for that, along with keeping us busy with FLOWER DELIVERY to DOLGEVILLE, NY.

When Rose Petals Florist first started delivering flowers frequently to Dolgeville, there was a small gas station on the corner of Faville Ave that I would see on my way taking funeral flowers to the Roberts Funeral home, as we still have FLOWER DELIVERY there as well as flower deliveries to the Miller-Plonka Funeral Home in DOLGEVILLE, NY.


On a Happier note, ROSE PETALS FLORIST has always had Happy Birthday flower deliveries all over Dolgeville NY and surrounding areas.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST Is your familar hometown florist and we are just a phone call away. (315)823-7073


Remember to call ROSE PETALS FLORIST for Every occasion for FLOWER DELIVERY – Dolgeville NY .