Meanings of Rose Colors

Two Dozen Red Roses in Vase
During the Renaissance,  about 1000 years ago,  sending flowers on route through the forest to the recipient was a very real way of life.

One very good reason was because different flowers and different colors of the flowers had different meanings, conveying different messages.

Two people were actually able to carry on a conversation through the abundant forest by placing certain flowers with certain colors in a basket and the recipient would know what the floral arrangement meant, for example whether it meant sorrow or anger, or “my heart yearns for you”, war, peace, death, or playfulness. This was a great way of communication used by everyone.

Everyone knew the code; there weren’t phones and the means of writing weren’t available to everyone, but everyone knew the code of flowers and flowers were readily available. You can look at it as primitive  ‘texting” with more effort.

It’s easy once you learn the code and it works!

I used this flower code back in college, and believe me, I got the message across loud and clear. A lot of times it was a very good flower message with flowers that conveyed that message as well as the black rose message a few times.

This is a good fun way to communicate your message and keep both of you on your toes because you both have to pay attention to the message thats being conveyed.

With this type of conversation, women also send the proper flowers to get your message across, and yes, men also love receiving flowers, especially flowers that convey a certain message. This is a good calming way of communication. You dont even need to spend much to send that meaningful message through flowers.

Stop by or call your local florist, Rose Petals Florist in Little Falls, NY, and tell me the message you are trying to get across and I will tell you what flowers and the color flowers that will convey the message you’re trying to get across. This is a good playful way of communicati that doesnt take long to figure out. Follow the list below to put a message together with just roses if you like:

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The color of roses, especially in combinations, can send a very meaningful message:

For example:

  • Red rose plus white rose indicates pure innocent love
  • Add an orange rose to it and it conveys that you are enthusiastic about your pure innocent love that you share with the other person. You are falling in love.
  • Two black roses (deep red) meaning death, plus 4 white roses plus 6 yellow roses would mean:
    Death of pure love due to jealousy.
  • Pink roses are for making up.
  • Dozen of any color rose means deep devotion and love. Especially Red.

Rose Petals Florist is your local rose specialist, and can not only design the most beautiful floral arrangement, but also a colorful roses display that sends a message loud and clear to the one who’s so dear.

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