EASTER FLOWERS 2019 for the Freshest Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

EASTER FLOWERS 2019 FOR THE FRESHEST FLOWERS BY ROSE PETALS FLORIST & Flower delivery located at 343 South 2nd St. Little Falls, NY 13365.

We are Open EASTER Sunday till 2 pm.

Phone (315)823-7073

Stop by the shop anytime or call in an order for us to deliver!

This year, we have beautiful Spring table centerpieces to send your love and greetings for a good old fashioned EASTER Dinner table.


We have the Crystal Cross Cenerpiece that includes a beautiful Crystal Cross keepsake in a centerpiece made with a large assortment of fresh, colorful spring flowers.

This Is a beautiful centerpiece for EASTER with the acknowledgment of the true meaning of Passover & the entire EASTER Season.   This Is the Perfect EASTER Gift with a real Crystal Cross Keepsake.

Crystal Cross Easter Flowers Arrangement

Crystal Cross Easter Flowers


Jesus in the Garden Easter Flowers Arrangement

Jesus in the Garden Easter Flowers

We also have a beautiful Spring Floral Centerpiece that has a beautiful  Porcelain JESUS figure standing in the Garden to display a passage in the Holy Bible.  This Centerpiece is very serene and just perfect to send to a loved one during this EASTER Season.

We use a beautiful assortment of many different colorful flowers to deplict a beautiful Garden.



This Porcelain Figure can be a keepsake that sets on a shelf all year-long as a reminder of the importance of EASTER and the True meaning of Life!


EASTER FLOWERS at ROSE PETALS FLORIST ARE always so fresh and colorful.

Our Flowers arrangements will give the recipient that long-lasting smile and a nice reminder of your kind thoughts and actions.


EASTER is a perfect refreshing time to send Flowers after a long cold winter and We have the very best selection at 343 South 2nd St. Little Falls (across from the Dollar Store Parking lot.)


ROSE PETALS FLORIST  designs beautiful EASTER Centerpieces and we also make beautiful EASTER corsage to be warned through Easter Sunday.


If you are a guest on EASTER Sunday and the Centerpiece seems to be more than you planned; stop by ROSE PETALS FLORIST to pick UP a quick Fresh floral bouquet to take to the hostess, or  a nice EASTER Lily!

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