St. Patricks Day Flowers 2018-everythings GREEN!


ST. Patrick’s DAY   flowers 2018 at Rose Petals Florist is always a very busy time with green flowers, parade props and gold, gold, gold!  Sr. Patrick’s Day flowers every year.


Every year at Rose Petals Florist; as soon as we hang up our Valentine’s aprons,  we get on the phone & start pricing white carnations.  When we find the best quality flower at the best price, we have the price ‘froze’ till later.  St. Patrick’s Day Flowers is now in mind.


Weeks later we order the white carnations and get to work paint
ng them green.  We do have a little secret with ‘green hydration’ that has worked well for years. By the  end of the process,  a matter of hours), we have the perfect green carnations.


We will let the green carnation set in clear water over night to ‘set’ the pigment.  After the pigment has been reached, we are ready for the gold.

The St. Patrick’s Day green flowers get dipped in gold glittet and packed in buckets to go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

For years ROSE PETALS FLORIST donated green  carnations to the Little Falls School System for fundraisers of their own.

Green Carns

St. Pattys green flower sale


The LITTLE FALLS CLASS OF 2018 raised $700.00 one St. Patrick’s Day,  The upcoming graduating class was in 1st grade. These kids were able to pay for their end of the year class trips by themselves.    The kids learned about marketing, sales and art and pulled it together to make a beautiful profit for themselves when they were learning about money.

Rose Petals Florist will sell thousands of fresh green carnations with our ‘dollar a flower’ campagne.


We also sell a lot of the St. Patrick’s Day Pot o’ gold bouquets that consist of green flowers and 3 yellow roses per bouquet.

St Pattys day sales

St. ‘o Skinner at the top o’ the morning


The Pot O Gold bouquets will be sold at ROSE PETALS FLORIST all week prayor to the parade.


The Pot o’ gold bouquets are $19.99 and all ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALES OF THE Pot o’gold Bouquets sold at ROSE PETALS FLORIST are for the fund-raiser going to the National MS SOCIETY.


 I‘ve met so many people with this autoimmune disorder which is also intertwined with ALS; another autoimmune disorder and one with which we had previously had part in fundraising for.


 An  autoimmune disorder is when changes in a persons body can lead to the immune system attacking healthy cells and this leads to harming the body.


 MS has to do with the breakdown of the seath wrapped around the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

I have worked with many businesses in Herkimer & Oneida Counties that have donated to the MD society for years through fund-raisers.

Its time for ROSE PETALS FLORIST to fundraise for a good cause again.

We are very active in donating when we get approached; we try to keep it at about 12 times a year, one fund raiser per month. (I have to still pay Sales tax on every flower that I donate, so I have to have a limit.)

We donate carnations for various fund-raising  organizations and functions to hold a “dollar a Flower” campagne, themselves.

This is always a great success and all proceeds are totally handled by the function that we donated the flowers to. (Usually, they will stop by or call us to contribute and I tell them about the dollar a flower campaghne and they love it.  They are able to raise much more than if I just wrote a check.)

This particular fundraiser, I’ll be doing a little more; I’ll be actually making the bouquets and tracking the fundraising to hand over to the

I’ve noticed that more and more local people get diagnosed with this terrible disorder MS under the cloudy sky’s of the Mohawk Valley.

If you would like to give to our 1st year of Fundraising for The National MS Society, come to ROSE PETALS FLORIST,  343 S. Second ST. LITTLE FALLS, NY AND PICK UP YOUR POT ‘o gold  FOR $19.99  MARCH 12th – MARCH 16th.



The fundraiser will be from the sales of the Pot’o gold bouquets made March 12th -March 16th at ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd. Street, Little Falls, NY.

Come see us at ROSE PETALS FLORIST for green flowers this St. PATRICK’S DAY week & see us at the Utica parade on GENESEE ST. and of course on Varick Street on St. Patrick’s Day flowers 2018.

Green Carnations by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

ROSE PETALS FLORIST with Irish for the day ‘o Skinner during long day on Varick St. Utica, NY making flower sales