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Flowers little falls ny

Flowers – Little- Falls – NY

ROSE PETALS FLORIST is your Local Florist at our Flower Shop Little Falls at 343 S 2nd Street.

Little Falls Flowers 13365

My journey to becoming a local Florist with Thee Flower Shop of a Lifetime has been a continuing lovely stroll through life with tears, laughter, Tantrums Screams and fun.


Knowing right from the start that I was blessed with this life plan that i had.


It all started when I was 20 years old.


I had graduated high school and worked in factories as I went to collage.  I even worked at a Greek Pizzeria at Shoppers Square.


My first try with collage was for paralegal which was ok but i wasn’t  impressed with the wages, however, I love reading and basically reading and research is ninety percent of being a Paralegal.


Little Falls used to have places that would hire people out of school to work part time.


I remember having various jobs because i liked making money.


I worked at Lyndon Lyon Greenhouse during the time I attended HCCC along with working at a local flower shop and a local factory.


I was good with scheduling and I took advantage of my youth with being able to have choices with where and when  Iwould work because I didnt have children.


I remember dropping jobs here and there and I also dropped out of collage, cause i can always go back.


Riding around town with my brother Tom as he was trying to convince me to start my own flower shop.


I said, ‘I can’t I have no money’ and in the 80s we were still feeling that in order to do anything Big; a man would have to be in charge.


He had this great idea that would take Focus and hard work.   He ran it by me and I told him thats a great idea but I knew that I neeed more training  and experience in the f field   before I would concider.


Tom passed away shortly after that conversation but he planted the seed of the idea of my Flower ashop in the summer of 1988.


Six years later and being out of my partying years I still wanted to go to the ‘Woodstock 94 Festival!


I was still a very quiet shy girl at the age of 29 but found it very refreshing to just drive to this Festival in Saugerties NY.


I had to stay at work at a local flower shop until noon and then I was able to go hit the road


It took about 2 hours from exit to exit.


I had called Saugerties town hall earlier in the week to find out what churches were in Saugerties in case I had a problem getting off the thruway I could say I had a wedding to service with flowers.


Sure enough, I was stopped and  I explained that the flower boxes  in the back seat had wedding flowers.

Little Falls Flowers 13365

Sure enough, the cops asked what church I was delivering to and I  knew there was only one church and it was the Catholic Church down by the Hudson river.


The Flower boxes helped me get into Woodstock 94 .  It was a fun thing to see.


As i was leaving the grounds of the festival with 300,000 people I was handed a sandwich. By a funny guy.


The guy must had thought I needed a sandwich. I weighted 98 lbs.  But he was handing out sandwiches and waters to peopke at the festival


I handed the  sandwich back and took the bottle of water as i stood there talking to this guy.


He shook my hand and said , Hi, I’m James, James Fallen.  I said hi, I’m Sandy and you dont need my last name.  I was shy but spunky.


We stood there by all the tents and shot the breeze.  He talked about what we did for a living at our fairly young ages and our plans for the future.


He told me that he has this skit on SNL and said, ‘dont I look familiar?’ I said yah i guess.


I then told him that i worked at a flower shop and that I was going to start my own business with a hundred dollars and I told him of this idea that my brother had run by me 6 years pryer


He asked me if I knew where the heart of NYC was and he was surprized that I  answered his question right the Empire State building. He said nobody else there knew.

Flowers little falls ny

Flowers – Little- Falls – NY

Little Falls Flowers 13365

He told me that his ultimate goal was to be the host of the Tonight Show.  I shrugged it off cause I thought Johnny Carson would live forever. James Bluntly told me – ‘he’ll be dead by the time he gets there!


I told him I had to go and would love directions to the nearest exit.


He told me to Remember his name and I’m bad with names!


I cemented his name in my mind with the help of knowing there was a furnature store in St Johnsville NY named Failings Furnature so I made a mental note of remembeting that name so I would know when he reached that lifetime Goal


I never spoke to James again but when I left Saugerties NY that day, I knew that I would be back there.


In 1995 I pursued the floral business plans that I spoke to Jimmy Fallen about at Woodstock 94.


And this is where it all begun from 20 years of being known as the Flower Lady in both the Hudson Valley and the Mohawk  Valley for 30 years combined.


Its been a great journey as I contnue this journey at the building  l have always loved.


.From that short Conversation among 2 strangers sharing future lifetime goals at Woodstock ’94 and having thise exact goals play out to the exact plans is pretty amazing!

I’m not perfect and I made mistakes but not one moment was ever wasted through all those years of my journey of having my own  flower shop in this building at 343 South 2nd  Street  Little  Falls  NY.

.Now I’m working on my goals for the next 25 or more years right at my flower shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST!


Always call your local florist for flowers (315)823-7073

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