FLORISTS – Little Falls NY FLORIST at 343 S 2nd St Little Falls NY has been a dream come true after putting many years of hard work in to fulfill my vision.

Little Falls NY FLORISTS

Florists – Little Falls NY

Who would had thought – Florists – Little Falls Florist.


I had to had been three or four years old when I first saw this beautiful soap stone building.


I remember sitting in the truck while my Mom was in the drug store Which is now Kinneys drugs.  Never could imagine at 3 years old i would  be a florists – Little Falls NY FLORIST.


Back in the late 60’s Kinneys was some other drug store which turned into Jc Penny for a few decades.


I remember looking at this beautiful building when i was maybe two or three years old.


I couldnt take my eyes off the building.  I had an opinion about Style at such a young age.


Recalling my teen years, i had friends on John Street right around the corner.  I always told my friends that I wanted to walk diwn 2nd Street instead of William Street to show them what i thought was the ‘coolest’ building ever.


Taking 2nd Street was always my choice weather I was walking or riding.  That cool Soapstone building with the cobblestone sidewalk was so pleasant to my young eyes.


I always remembered i had a friend fond this buolding that i described the front door so uniquely.


Traveling through the acity of Little Falls as we looked for this building cause o couldnt remember where it was being the city was so much bigger and bustier in 1982.


We traveled through as he pointed out simalarities of buildings i was describing.  I said no to the first place and again no to the second place.


He told me there was one other place and as i rode up 2nd Street and saw the ‘sunshine’ outlay above the 3 upstairvwindows and the ‘Roman doorway as i described I Screamed THIS IS IT!!!!!

Rose Petals Florist

Rose Petals Florist

Needless to say, in the next moment he said ‘i just had an epiphany- I said Whats that (i was 15 yrs old)


He said i just had a flash in my mind that you are going to have a business here.


I said ya right, at 17 -I defianatliey was not even ever thinking so far in the future.


I asked what kind of business he saw and he couldnt make out what it was.  He said it would be a far ib the future.


Years went by, friends change and go seporite ways.


I started workung at at ROSIES and they would send me out on an errand to pay a gas bill at 343 S 2nd Street.  I was so little at 20 years old and i felt tiny when i walked through the door of this cool building.


I remember seeing a puc of this building that was once the NY Bell building with a float made of fliwers coming out of the driveway.


Remembering saying that buildinflg would make the ‘coolest flower shop’.  They Told me it would never work because the front faced west?  I guessi proved that comment wrong!


I spent 20 years tenting on Main Street as both my Parents consistantly told me to buy that building i always loved.  I kept saying- i will when i get older.


Im at that older stage in life and I now have my building I’ve Your Little Falls NY Floristsalways loved with my successful flower business occupying it with the ftont door facing west towards the dollar store parking lot – the very best location in the world!


Im glad I took my time as i have learned so much in my travels and the best thing to keep people young is to have a plan.


As you see – Ill always have a plan as we continue to work on this beautiful building ive always lived since I was 3 yrs old.


Im the Florist of my flower shop at 343 S 2nd Street  and i have enjoyed every step of the way in becoming the Top FLORISTS – LITTLE FALLS NY.