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It’s that time to start looking for the very Best, the prettiest and the Freshest WEDDING FLOWERS Little Falls, NY(315)823-7073


Wedding flowers for brides 2018!

When you start looking, you can stop by our shop at 343 South 2nd Street,  Little Falls,  N.Y. to browse our great selection of fresh flowers.  You can look through our books for ideas or even give me a clue so I can help you visualize one of the most important days of your life.


Don’t be shy, you can pitch me any idea that you have and I’m sure to come up with the most beautiful designs that you were only able to imagine. We can design the very best and unique weddings on a shoe string budget. FOR  Flowers Little Falls, N.Y. call (315)823-7073.


We can make your Wedding Flowers with so many different Flowers from all over the world.  We can make your Wedding Flowers in all shades of white or in more colors than the rainbow.


I have designed beautiful flowers for Weddings all over N.Y. State for 30 years.  We are up to date with all of the newest wedding trends as well as designing many traditional weddings.


I have have designed flowers for Weddings in NYC as well as NJ.  I’ve designed   flowers for people getting married in Canada and I’ve  designed weddings for a couple who married in South America.  You can say that our wedding floral bouquets go global!

All wedding flowers Little Falls, N.Y.  (315)823-7073 are made right here at our local flower shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST.

We have designed WEDDING flowers for all budgets, all religions; all couples.


You can also call us for a free phone consultation Flowers Little Falls



Always know that you will feel comfortable with us creating your wedding plans THROUGH  flowers.  We ALWAYS use the Freshest flowers, we always listen to YOU the customer and we design your dream wedding.



Flowers Little Falls, NY (315)823-7073


But Wedding flowers are just a small segment of Flowers that we create.  We make the very best and Freshest Vase arrangements, dish gardens and baskets.  We also make all styles of Sympathy and Funeral Flowers.


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