Little Falls Berry Tones Flower Filled Vase

    ROSE PETALS FLORIST has introduced The Little Falls Berry Tones Flower Filled Vase collection.

Stop by 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY or call direct  (315)823-7073 for your berry tones flower filled vase.


We take great pride in our design Talent and in our ability to design through Creativity and Knowledge of color.


We look deep through the layers of the many pigments.  Each flower petal has many hues for design unlike others.


We focus on the color tone and the mutable pigments and hues.  With each flower we can create the unimaginable!



We found that by really looking at the many facets of colors in each flower petal  we can design by using the natural hues.


in Design we can make it seem that the flower is taking on a totally different color by placing the proper pigments and tones next to each other.  For instance, I can properly place certain colors to create  a natural ‘glow’.


In different segments the flowers placed properly will take on a different color.  When different shades of purples are next to each other, the flowers end up with a ‘blue’ glow by using two separate colors.


No body would dare to design some flowers together   By daring to chance!


The creation on beauty very well happens with the proper pigment and hues in different flowers.


We are able to create  an unimaginable Striking floral arrangement with thus fashion of design.


Our flower arrangements are breathtaking. Not only by design expertise and creativity.  Our knowledge in creating a totally different color by using the correct placement of ‘hues’ is EVERYTHING!


We have the Eye and the experiences in the ‘art of color’ to design every arrangement breathtaking.


Our Berry Tones Collection has an artfully mixed array of colors and textures.


We design a vase of flowers that is all Jewel tones with shades of blues and purples.  This vase picked above many. We always design these vases perfect with Shades of berrys and purples.  They can be striking!

Berry Collection by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


We have the Much Loved Berry Tones in Scarlett shades to include red, burgundy and raspberry, with a touch of white.



Send  Greetings with our Little Falls Berry Tones Flower Filled Vase by calling (315)823-7073.