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Flowers – little falls ny – flowers

Flowers fresh and natural are always the right choice when you want to send a birthday gift.  Flowers are great for an Anniversay and for no reason at All.


Thinking of someone with happiness and cheer is another reason to send a bouquet of pretty petals.

Flowers little falls ny

Flowers in Little Falls NY

Sending Sympathy with fresh Floral is always a soothing gesture and can always be personalized in Memory  of the one thats passed on.


When I decided in 1994 that I was indeed going to start my own Flower Buiness and on $100.00 I knew that I had to explore my many possibilities.

Flowers Little Falls NY

Flowers Little Falls Flowers

I had already driven to the Hudson  Valley  to check out Woodstock 94 and I really like the “Feel’ of the Hudson Valley!

People had My Energy level on a daily  basis and I knew I had to go there to start this magnificent flower business as I was working on a Flower Shop Business Plan in my home town LITTLE FALLS NY.


Flowers – little falls ny – flowers

I went to collage for Business in the early 90’s as i learned about the many illegalities of doing business in NYS.  The knowledge that I gained from my degree in Small Business Management was the best thing that I started with.  The knowledge of tge legalities if doing business in NYS is literally priceless.


Uncle Sam really does watch Every move.  All those illegitimate make believe florists are being monitored even when they think nobody knows.


Always check true credentials of florists before you spend your money.  Make sure they’ve been around for a while.

Little Falls Flowers 13365

Always asks  around and read as many reviews as you can find.


Look for pictures of their floral designs so you know what they are all about.


There are stray so called floral designers that have no experiance in even cutting flowers that are selling you weeds and poison ivy just to make an illegal buck from Syracuse  to Albany.


Before you buy flowers in central NY – if you dont have a florist-  search the reviews on the internet  and check out thier actual photos of designs .  Always check  credentials!!



Flowers – little falls ny – flowers

Weather you are shopping at a roadside or in a flower shop – make sure thier business paperwork is showing so you can reed it –  otherwise you are most likely shopping at an illegal establishment and then you have to really question if the place is tricking you to get your money while they have no clue about flowers.



When shopping FLOWERS – Little Falls NY – Flowers at ROSE PETALS FLORIST has been  the  leading Choice for Flowers  – Little Falls  NY  – FLOWERS for 30 years.