Flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST; Your true hometown Flower shop.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST AT 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls, N.Y. is your flower shop that designs the most beautiful and appropriate flowers for Every occasion, every event!  We will create your dream wedding with the finest blooms to create the Perfect wedding.

We make the Happiest and most memorable Birthday and Anniversary flowers to bring never-ending smiles!

Flowers for every event by ROSE PETALS FLORIST INCLUDES Prom Flowers, also at the price that you want to spend; the price that everyone can afford!

Flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST is the FLORIST to call when you want to send Flowers to someone at the hospital.  We deliver to All hospitals in the Utica area as well as Cooperstown and Little Falls.  We deliver flowers to All Nursing homes.

Flowers for Every Event By ROSE  PETALS FLORIST include sympathy flowers as we deliver to all Funeral Homes.

Our sympathy flowers are full size flower filled sympathy arrangements that you can afford!

Flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST  is Always available to take your floral order.   We have a 24 hr. Order taking line that you can reach by dialing (315)823-7073.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST  is a FLORIST that truly practices the art of being a florist.

 There are many places that are Open because they are ‘creative’ and they can make beautiful floral pieces and also throw a price on it.  The trade of being a FLORIST is Always found at the only true local flower shop 

The art of true floristry is to be able to design a masterpiece every time.  Create your  money’s worth and then some.

 There’s a mathematical formula that is used to figure pricing that apply to all florists.  You know it’s used when you get your moneys worth in stem count.

 The opinion of beauty does not apply when it comes to calculation of stem count multiplied by true cost.

A true FLORIST uses only Fresh Flowers.  A True FLORIST does not re-use flowers from one occasion to The next.

Always check the freshness according to the length of the stem. Fresh FLOWERS always have long stems!  If flowers are falling out of a container, you know you went to the wrong place!!

When you need flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST, you found your true local florist!