Floral Design Studio at ROSE PETALS FLORIST

The Floral Design Studio at ROSE PETALS FLORIST at 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY is a life-time in the making.


My first Studio was actually at the Little Falls Jr. Sr. High School in 1982.


I Met a new friend at school that moved here from a far.  We didn’t have any classes together but we obtained independent gym class and independent art class, so needless to say, outside of social studies and English we were able to work out all the time when we weren’t doing something artistic in the art room.


Dee was great at drawing and painting and I experimented in sculpture and painting.


Dee had her own studio in the south-west section of the art room.  I would go there to chat and check out her latest painting.


One day Dee said that she would share her art studio so I could also be more creative.


If I had only known that I would be top floral Designer in my flower shop ten years later!

Floral design studio

Floral design studio


We spent many hours through the remaining two years of school in that art studio.


We had a pathos plant with a ripped leaf and we named our plant ‘Vincent’s after Vangok.  As far as I can remember, Dee nourished that plant and ended up taking it with her when she Graduated a year after i graduated.


Through painting, Dee taught me about blending my medium, my preference was acrylics.


We were both very creative in our space with lessons to lasts a life time.


I learned how to really look deep in the colors to really see the different pigments of shades.


To this day, I can look at a medium brown/tope’ and draw the color green out of it because the pigment is in there if you look deep enough.


People don’t realize what is making something so striking to look at because they do not know how to understand colors.


Dee and I had our birthdays very close together, so we got along great, we were just like each other.


We would create art projects in our Studio and we would talk about Nostradamus  as we worked out in the weight room.


The second studio that I spent a lot if time in was a few years later at Pitt the Painters studio.


I met Pitt in 1986 but I had known of him through my friend Dee at our high school studio.


I held Artist hours when I started ROSE PETALS FLORIST and if I were sill working in my office at mid night and I felt running an idea past pit, I would go hang out at his studio because he would be painting at all hours.


When I started my business I knew that I needed to have a studio type atmosphere.  No matter how many times I’ve tried to keep the store as a four wall neat as can be – it doesn’t fit.


My Artistic Ability and my knowledge of art always directs me back to the Studio setting.






We have thousands of ribbons of all colors and prints of many sizes for various projects and mainly bows to add to flower vases


2.) Vases – A variety of vases in multable Styles in various sizes and shapes.Little Falls Flowers 13365


3.) Accent Items – glitter, glue and paints

4.) Tools – knives, saws, scissors, hot glue,  pens, pencils,  paper clips, foam,balloons, music, dictionaries, Little Falls Flowers 13365 stencils, envelopes, cards and the lists goes on


5.) flowers  – A large variety of flowers that can be used for various formats


6.) Design Knowledge to create the prettiest creations that stand above the rest.


Little Falls ROSE PETALS FLORIST is Top in Floral Design!








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