Designing Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Designing Flowers at ROSE PETALS FLORIST has many Aspects beyound Design – We Design with Every Aspect in mind to create a beautiful long lasting floral piece using the best of flowers and design skills for Each and Every creation.


Sandy at ROSE PETALS FLORIST has been Designing for 30 years and has come to Know the True Art of Design.

When Sandy started working in a local Flower shop she was handed a knife and a picture of a basic flower arrangement that EVERY SHOP was making.


The picture was of an arrangement in a plastic dish (tulip bowl) with a flat back of leather leaf greenery.


On the front of this arrangement there were 7 carnations, 2 sprays of christhanthimums a split stem of purple statis, a stem of Alstromaria, a rose & 3 small small sprigs of babysbreath with a big plasticky bow stuck in the front center .


1n 1989 that Florist was selling that arrangement for $50.00.  We still have those ‘florists? Making the same style and with a higher price tag



Moved on and worked at Utica Floral where I was Tought on the 1st Day and every day there-after that “one sided Flower arrangements are for Funeral Homes Only.

I was thought proper care, proper, cutting, proper placement & designing flowers and proper pricing of Flower Designing.


Many Florists price at Whim; depending on the customers comments &  reaction to what they see for a moment.


When you shop at ROSE PETALS FLORIST or if you receive flowers from here; you notice the Numerious stems of flowers that are used to design the most beautiful colorful flower arrangement.


We design a Full arrangement as we price properly with a large selection of  fmFlowers that we use.


Our Flowers are Fresh & customly used in your floral vase only to insure the loveliest strongest & Longest Lasting Flowers from your Florist in Little Falls NY, ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


I was also thought how to make the most liked, most wanted and most requested Classic vase design and basket.


I took what I Knew and started my own flower shop in little Falls, NY,  ROSE PETALS FLORIST as I also worked on location with Florists in NYS on different design techniques.


Through the years I found that my knowledge of  business and design is well above most newer Florists and beyound  those that copy pics with no knowledge of this business, pricing or designing the flower vase that truly has Design, longivity and proper pricing.


I’m Very fortunate to have worked for and learn from elder florists.

I was taught to design with beauty.  Skill of keeping flowers alive the longest. And above all, no matter what the price point might be, make sure the customer has the true money’s worth.


Always knowing to be Honest with pricing.


‘Repeat customers are customers that dont get robbed’ in freshness, flowers or service.


Stop by ROSE PETALS FLORIST next time you want True Designing Flowers.