Birth Month Flowers

Did you know there are also flowers related to the months of the year? You don’t have to limit yourself to any particular flowers to send as Birthday Flowers, but we hope you find this information interesting.

Almost everyone knows about birthstones (precious and semi-precious gems) related to the month of the year in which a person was born.

Read on to discover what your Birth Month Flower is!

January: Where we are located in upstate New York, there really are not any flowers currently blooming outdoors. However, further South there are flowers that bloom during cool seasons. The carnation is one of these flowers that can grow in cool temperatures.

The meanings associated with the carnation are love, fascination, and distinction.

The colors of carnations span a wide range from white to pink to deep red or purple.  And, if you need an unusual color that isn’t normally available in natural flowers, white carnations can be dyed any color you like.

Tip: If you need special colored carnations, order them at least a week ahead of time so we can get the carnations and the appropriate dye and prepare your special color carnations.

February: Most people think of this month being related to St. Valentine’s Day and red roses. But, you may be surprised to learn that the flower for the month of February is the Violet!

This flower symbolizes faithfulness, humility, and purity. Giving violets during the Victorian era gave the message, “I will always be faithful to you.”

The colors of violets can range from blue, to mauve, to cream and yellow. A little known  fact is that many years ago in England, the violet was called “heartease”.

Spring Brings Cheerful Flowers That Make Lovely Birthday Flowers

March: Because Spring begins in March, it is not surprising that the flower most associated with this month is the bright and cheerful Daffodil. Other names for related flowers are Jonquil and Narcissus.

The colors of the Daffodil can include white, yellow and orange.

Giving a gift of  Daffodils as a Birthday Flowers gift can transmit a message of friendship and happiness.

April: This month is associated with the Sweet Pea flower which blooms in a wide array of  pastel hues as well as two-tone colors.

The symbolism of this flower can mean either Joy or Good-bye.  In Victorian times, Sweet Peas in a bouquet indicated thankfulness.

May: The Lily of the Valley blooms in  May scents the air with it’s delicate, sweet fragrance. The Lily of the Valley is usually white, and is associated with sweetness and humility.

In Victorian times, Lilies of the Valley were given as romantic gifts that meant, “You have made my life complete.”

Roses Rule! But Not Only In Summer

June: The Rose is the flower for June. Roses are available in numerous colors, from red to pink to white to yellow, peach, and orange, and even lavender, and a deep color that borders on black. Each rose color has their own message.

However, overall, roses convey a message of  love and passion.

July: Larkspur is the bloom for July. With its simple and delicate shape, it sends a message of open hearted sentiment and strong connection.

August: The flower for August is the Gladiolus.  It blooms in an assortment of colors like red, pink, white, yellow and orange.

The Galdiolus sends a message of sincerity and is a symbolizes strength of character.

Asters Brighten Fall Days

September: The Aster is the flower for September. Its blooms are available in many colors, such as pink, red, white, lilac, and mauve.  Because the Aster has a star-like shape, it gets its name from the Greek word for star.   The Aster blossom represents love, faith, and wisdom.

October: The Marigold or Calendula is the flower representing October. For  Hindus in India, October is when celebrations like Dusshera and Diwali take place, the Marigold has come to be a part of the religious ceremonies. In the English culture, the Marigold’s meaning is related to sympathy and compassion.

November: The Chrysanthemum stands for cheerfulness and love, and it brightens up the shorter and colder days as the month of November goes on.

According to Feng Shui, Chrysanthemums bring joy and laughter to the home.

Poinsettias Are Traditional for Winter Holidays

December: Poinsettia flowers are usually associated with Christmas.These blooms are regularly connected with Christmas. Hundreds of years ago the Aztecs considered Poinsettias as symbols of purity. Today, the bright red, white, and pink Poinsettias are considered to bring good cheer and success.

When given as a gift, Poinsettias bring a festive message of happiness and celebration.

Most Birthday Flowers Can Be Ordered Year Round

Don’t limit yourself to these flowers to the particular months, though, since most of them can be ordered throughout most of the year.

Click here for our Birthday Flowers page where you can see our floral selections and either order online or call in your order to 315-823-7073. Also, if you have special requests for flowers you can’t find on our pages, please call us. We can definitely make custom arrangements to your specifications.

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