ROSE PETALS FLORIST is your Local Hometown FLORIST in Little Falls NY 13365



ROSE PETALS FLORIST  has been your local hometown FLORIST for close to 30 years located in Little Falls NY .


We design the most beautiful Fresh Flower arrangements an vases for Every occasion.


Our Flower Filled Glass Vase ARRANGEMENTS are loved by Many who like thier flowers to be beautiful from all sides to fit perfect in the center of a table.


The Flower Filled Glass vases are a favorite among all senders & recipiants.


The Flower Filled Glass vases are available in many price points.  For these vases we use a large assortment of fresh flowers to create a magnificent gift good for love, Birthdays, Anniversarys and Sympathy flower filled glass vase.



Local hometown florist

Local hometown florist

We also make budvases, corsages, FUNERAL flowers graduation and everyday flowers


We design weddings unique to every couple and beautiful.


When you want to send flowers, call your local hometown FLORIST  (315)823-7073