VALENTINE’S DAY at ROSE PETALS FLORIST 2020 at 343 S 2ND ST LITTLE FALLS NY is the flower shop where you will get the freshest flowers and Rose’s  A spectacular design,  and The superb customer service that you deserve.

Valentine's Day at ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Valentine’s Day at ROSE PETALS FLORIST

When you Shop at ROSE PETALS FLORIST you will see the most beautiful selection  of fresh colorful flowers from all over the world.


You can choose from Every  color of Roses that will be beautifully transformed into a glass vase dozen or a wrapped dozen


If you choose a glass vase of Roses, you will see a Full Dozen of 12 Roses of any color.  The Red Roses are the Rose of Choice for Valentines Day and we always make sure that we will have enough Rose’s so EVERYONE is able to shop Roses at ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


WE Design your vase of Roses the exact way I was trained in flora culture 30 years ago in Utica NY.


The only way and the proper way of designing a vase of roses that every paying customer deserves.  A vase of Roses that have stems properly prepared, properly cut and properly designed to promote longivity of the Roses while at the same time designing the classic vase of Roses that is the highest requested vase of Roses.


Like our mixed flower vases, we design our dozens all the way around so the vase of roses looks beautiful from all sides.


We design with greenery and big white puffy babysbreath in Every vase of Roses as we give the finishing touch with a beautiful bow.  We also Deliver flowers throughout the Mohawk Valley.


Our beautiful vases of Valentine’s roses start pricing at $55.00 then $65.00 $75.00 and $100.00.  The differences in the ROSE vases have to do with the length of roses and the amount of roses or the mixture of flower varieties .


Whichever flower filled or rose filled vase you choose, you are sure to get the freshest products,  the skilled design of beauty and the price satisfaction when you Shop Valentine’s Day at  ROSE PETALS FLORIST 2020.