VALENTINE’S DAY 2018 Let Love Bloom with the Freshest Flowers & Roses & flower Delivery (315)823-7073 from ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd St. Little Falls, NY 13365. We Deliver EVERYWHERE in Little Falls and the surrounding towns for Valentine’s Day 2019.

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At ROSE PETALS FLORIST, 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls, NY Valentine’s Flowers with every price point can be found here.

VALENTINE’ S DAY 2019,  let love bloom with the freshest flowers and roses,  is a big event at ROSE PETALS FLORIST. We offer a large assortment of fresh flowers and roses that are sure to make love bloom.

Our Featured Red ROSE Vase this year is the SEXY RED ROSES, Only at ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073.

 The SEXY RED ROSES are the much loved Red ROSES that have been often requested by so many recent Brides.  

Valentine's Day 2019

Sexy Red Roses for Valentine’s Day 2019

The Sexy Red Rose is a red ROSE that has at least double the PETALS as all other red roses.  

The Red color is a perfect red for a red rose, the light rose scent is very pleasing as the beauty of this particular red rose can be seen from across the room. It is surely an impressive ROSE for the one you love.  We arrange these beautiful floral gems with SEASONAL greenery and filler flower to give this vase of roses the most impressive look to make love bloom starting at $74.99.


We still carry the ever loved FREEDOM Rose, always loved for the long-lasting beauty and long life,.  Starting at $54.99. 


Dozen Red Roses in Vase for Valentine's Day 2019

Red Roses (Freedoms) for Valentines Day 2019 starting at $55.00 in a vase.

The FREEDOM Red Roses are the roses that we have used for 18 years.  These are long-lasting blooms that will be enjoyed for at least a couple of weeks. We arrange these r0ses in a classic glass vase with seasonal greenery and filler flowers with a very impressive look and a big fluffy ribbon bow.

We also carry all colors of roses.

Sexy red roses


Remember, we are the only florist that will always make your vase of Roses all the way around. For beauty on all sides.  You will always get a FULL DOZEN Vase arrangement for $54.99 & up or a full 1/2 Dozen roses for $34.99 arranged in a vase and  arranged all the way around.   It will never be chopped on one side when you shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


We also have our always loved  assorted flower vases with roses mixed in with assorted flowers that are guaranteed to last,at,least 3 weeks starting at $39.99.

Valentine's day flower Delivery

Little Falls Florist-reasonable priced Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


We still carry our FULL DOZEN roses wrapped in a package with greenery, filler flower and flower food starting at $39.99.


Ask about our $99.00 Special for those that want to spend a little more this year, shop smart and call ROSE PETALS FLORIST For FLOWER DELIVERY EVERYWHERE or stop by, 343 South 2nd Street. LITTLE FALLS. NY 13365  or CALL (315)823-7073.


Let Love Bloom with the Freshest Flowers, Roses, and Flower Delivery (315)823-7073

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