‘SEXY RED’ ROSES only at ROSE PETALS FLORIST-VALENTINE’S DAY 2018 is only a phone call away @ (315)823-7073.


‘SEXY RED ROSES’ only at ROSE PETALS FLORIST-VALENTINE’S DAY 2018 are grown deep in the Gardens of the Andes  and then shipped straight to ROSE PETALS FLORIST in Little Falls, NY  FOR a Rose longevity of 3-4 weeks in your home when properly hydrated with the best natural flower food and expert care.  ROSE PETALS FLORIST has introduced this Beautiful Red Rose as our All-time Favorite Red Rose because of its massive petal count, its longevity and its timeless Perfect beauty of The Perfect Red Rose.

The perfect red rose that inspired the given name of ‘Sexy Red’ has a deep Rich Red color to the many soft smooth petals of this sexy red rose.  The rose bud is a larger rose bud that perfectly opens beautifully in a vase as a single or for a more elaborate look; a full dozen of Sexy Red Roses only at ROSE PETALS FLORIST -VALENTINE’S DAY 2018.


We create the most beautiful vase of  Red Roses with the Sexy Red Roses between the vibrant color, the perfect strong leaves and stems adorned with the everlasting beauty of saying, ‘I Love You’.

We put this red rose to the test over the past summer starting on Varick St. Utica Thursday nights; HUGE HIT!  So we continued with the most impotant test with women through our many wedding orders.   When Brides to Be were  given the choice of the many roses, all of  the brides to-be using red roses chose the Sexy Red rose above all others because of the Perfect Rose that made That Statement for one of the most important and memorable days of a  womens life.

We also still carry and sell a lot of the always loved ‘Freedom Rose’ that is another one of our strong red roses.  We have  sold thousands of Freedoms through the past 20 years that they’ve been on market as the number one rose. They are beautiful, strong red roses that  have been loved by so many people as we at ROSE PETALS FLORIST have always been known to carry and sell the Very Best in Red Roses.


I’m now introducing the next number one top selling red rose; this new Rose that is very comparable to the beauty and longevity that we carry at ROSE PETALS FLORIST, the SEXY RED rose.  When ordering roses any day of the year especially for VALENTINE’S DAY;  order from the Best Rose Florist, now selling ‘SEXY RED’ ROSES ONLY AT ROSE PETALS FLORIST-VALENTINE’S DAY 2018.


Sexy red