A Rose at ROSE PETALS FLORIST Little Falls NY  travels many miles from South America to set on your table.

Buying a Rose from ROSE PETALS FLORIST is always sure to be Beautiful!

Before you take your Roses to set on your table, they have gone through many steps in a very short time period.

The rose growers grow the roses in Full Sun.   The Full sun in South America grows the roses larger than American Roses since we are quite far above the equator.

Best Roses Little Falls

Best ROSES Little Falls

The Roses in South America are hardy, strong roses that have a longer vase life than American grown flowers.



The Rose Color is more vibrant from growing in abundant sunshine.  The thorns are larger because they fight off all invaders.


When the Roses are picked and packaged by a machine in  South America they are precisely counted to packages of 25.


Then they place the  Roses in a preservative of high concentrated ‘citric acid’ and then place them in coolers.


Roses are shipped out within the day to wholesalers all over the world.


The wholesaler then delivers the roses to ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


Upon arrival to our Little Falls Flower Shop,  we unpack our roses and re-cut the stems to be placed in a specially prepared solution of Rose Preservative and water.


When I receive an order for Roses or even a single rose, I will re-cut the stems and design the roses in a vase containing specially prepared rose solution.

The Secrets of How to Make Your Roses Last


When you purchase Roses from us, we give you instructions on how to get the longest vase life from your roses.


You should always place the Roses away from direct heat and away from direct cold.


For instance, you should not place your roses in a window or on top of a television.


Be sure you DO NOT place your roses on a stove or radiator.


The Best Place for your roses is in the center of the table away from heat sources, away from cold, and away from direct sunlight.


To keep your Roses lasting- add warm water every few days.  Each WEEK, cut the rose stem bottoms and place in fresh warm water after you clean the vase.



Always buy your Rose at ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


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