Flower delivery of the Mini Prom Bouquet for the night  you’ve been waiting for and is just around the corner.




You know that wearing Flowers this night  are a Tradition, yet you fear that they will cover your jewelry or catch on your dress.


You just don’t know what to do, however,  you do know that you want to include flowers with your outfit.  A great solution to your dilemma is to consider the Beautiful  MINI PROM BOUQUET,  only at ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 S. 2nd Street, Little Falls NY.  Phone (315)823-7073.

The traditional corsage is Always beautiful and delicate and goes perfect with many dresses.  But, that lovely dress that you spent so long finding for your perfect night with your perfect look would be more astonishing with a beautiful and more Durable hand-held flower piece that can stay at the table as you mingle.


The floral bouquet  is often referred by women as the ‘date Flowers’ in NYC.  This mini bouquet is designed with beautiful Fresh FLOWERS to compliment your dress.


This flower bouquet is small, yet has enough flowers to make a statement.  This is hand tied tight in a perfect design with ribbons, gems, pearls or sequins if you like.

Mini Prom Bouquet

Mini Prom bouquet

We can custom make this small bouquet to your tastes.  We can even incorporate miniature lights that light up with a push of a button. The best part of this flower choice is that your flowers won’t get crushed or Caught on anything and you can take the beautiful flower bouquet home at the end of the night.


You can dance all night long knowing that your flowers will look good through the night.  You will be able to enjoy your night without having to adjust your flowers or your Look.


I first made this type of bouquet for a Real Princess from overseas that passed through the Mohawk Valley a few years back.  This bouquet had the Royal Satisfaction Seal of Approval, as I’m very diligent with the design of these small hand tied bundles that are perfect for a night out on the town with comfort!

Mini Prom Bouquet

Mini Prom Bouquet


These beautiful colorful perfect sized floral assorey pieces are the perfect Prom flowers and they start at $24.99 & up. Our MINI PROM BOUQUET is the Perfect Compliment to your Sophisticated look for the night as you shine with Class as you’re the Princess for the night!  Call Now (315)823-7073.


Mini Prom Bouquet

Mini Prom Bouquet