Flowers to Welcome a New Baby

Flowers for a  New Baby, whether a boy or a girl, always call for a soft look in flowers.

Does this mean you have to send pink or blue bouquets?

Actually, Baby Blue and Pale Pink are no longer the absolute standards in baby flower bouquets. Baby nurseries are now popping up in cheery green, yellow, and subtle mauves.

So when sending flowers for a new arrival occasion, if you know the color theme that is being used, go with that.

If you are not sure about that color theme, it’s always safe to order a beautiful mixture of soft colors in flowers for this occasion.

Miniature Roses Are a Nice Change from the Ordinary New Baby Flowers Gift

Miniature roses in colors of your choice do also signify new baby, being small, and delicate. This makes a beautiful vase with mini roses and baby’s breath.

What Else Can I Include with the New Baby Flowers?

Add a balloon and a plush animal! That will always signify Baby, and we will  fasten them on any vase.

A great addition to flowers for the arrival of a new baby is to include baby bottles, wash cloths, or diapers.

For those that want to go the extra mile, you can order a vase of flowers along with a complete Baby Gift Basket to include diapers, washcloths, q-tips, pacifiers, rattles and a blanket.

Other Options?

Perhaps you might want us to send a green plant that will grow as the new baby grows. This is an unusual option that becomes a life long gift with proper care. You might like to browse this link to give you some ideas of what would be a long lasting plant that can grow with your child.

When you want to congratulate parents and welcome the new baby, Rose Petals Florist is sure to design exactly what you are looking for. Give us a call at 315-823-7073 or for easy online ordering, click here.


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