BUYING a PROM CORSAGE by ROSE PETALS FLORIST is a way of having helpful tips to give you insight on this type of shopping and to help you pick out the perfect Prom flowers for your date.


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In Buying a Prom Corsage by ROSE PETALS FLORIST; The first thing to know is that 95% of corsages ORDERED for a prom each year in the North East are corsages that have a wristlets incorporated in making this beautiful floral piece.

Wrist corsage

Prom corsage wristlet in white

While placing your flower order, remember to mention whether you want this CORSAGE with a wrist band or ‘pin on’ corsage for her lapel. If  worn on her wrist as a Wrist corsage we will design with a wristllet.

If you want to order a ‘pin on’ Corsage, make sure that this is what your date wants. Know what color she prefers. if she wants trinkets added. Make sure that her dress material is strong enough to hold a pinned-on corsage. You also need to know if your date wants her CORSAGE small or large and preference in flowers.

A pinned on corsage is a basic CORSAGE that has a price of $20 -$25.00.

Alot of girls going to the prom prefer a Wrist Corsage. When you order a Wrist Corsage, specifically, make sure you confirm that the ‘wristlet’ (wristband) is INCLUDED in the price of your corsage ! When you order a wrist corsage from Rose Petals Florist, we tell you the total price which includes the wristlet.

When shopping anywhere for a wrist corsage, make sure you specify that you want a wrist corsage, right from the start, and make sure you get the total price for the corsage.

Besides the issue of wanting the total price to begin with, you should also make sure the wrist corsage made from the start on the wristlets. If a corsage is first made as a pin on corsage, converting it to a wristlet type will usually result in a fragile corsage that will not survive the Prom.

Make sure that you know what your date wants in her flower wristlets.

Always know that you are getting the freshest flowers and the most beautiful design here at Rose Petals Florist.

Does your date prefer mini carnations, roses or orchids? Maybe she prefers florets from Alstromari  or hydrangea! Whatever you order, we will make the most beautiful corsage.

It’s always good to have a swatch of material from her dress or bring in your ti to compare ribbons and flowers for the Perfect match!

The Wrist corsage desined with fresh flowers designed with a wristlets that should withstand the entire evening at the Prom.

Romantic Red Rose Prom Corsage

Romantic Red Rose Prom Corsage

When you come in to a FLORIST to pick UP a corsage, the florist should open the corsage box and show you the corsage show you that the wristlets is secure by placing it on your wrist. You can test the corsage on your arm by normal arm movements. You can also shake this wristlets to see how well we crafted it.

Make sure a nervous date is not fidgeting with the elastic wristband. Our wristlets are strong and they last all night long when the corsage strap is not getting tugged at.

Wrist corsage are hardy, fresh and beautiful and priced at $25.00 and up.

Always know that you are getting the freshest flowers and the most beautiful design when buying a Prom Corsage by ROSE PETALS FLORIST .

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